Saturday, August 30, 2008

An overdue rant

Due to my return to work, I find myself struggling to find funny stories to post here. (But for the record, my classroom is FABULOUS and people have been coming in to hang out because it's awesome and I love it and I swear that after my meltdown on Tuesday, I'm not even stressed. And I got to meet a few of my kids, and they are so cute I can barely stand it. For real.)

So, I'm going to take the time to write out a rant about something that has been bugging the shit out of me all summer. What is that, you ask?

It's this stupid Katy Perry song- I Kissed a Girl. First of all, when people started talking about it, I thought they were talking about the Jill Sobule song of the same name. I think this song came out circa 96/97, so I was confused about the hype. But Jill Sobule kissed a girl because she was so excited about coming out with the fact that she was into chicks. Yay for you Jill! Katy Perry did it just to be an attention seeking whore. Seriously. She used to be a Christian singer, and now she's a sad one hit wonder because she's pretending to be controversial. YAWN. Sure, the tune is catchy and it gets stuck in my head, but I still hate it. It's annoying and such an obvious plea for negative attention that it makes me nuts. So if it's not too late, I would like to encourage a boycott of this crap. Stop giving her attention, you're only encouraging negative behaviors.

To get those songs out of your head, I'll give you another song from a long time ago- Stupid Girl by Garbage. Because Katy Perry is a stupid girl, and because I just saw Shirley Manson in a preview for that Terminator tv show and I think that's weird. I hope she didn't ditch out on my Madison boys for that. But if I could sing like Shirley Manson, you'd probably never be able to get me to shut up.


Sarah said...

Okay, it's posts like that which solidify our friendship in my mind. I HATE THAT SONG! It's the dumbest song ever.

Rachel said...

THANK YOU! Seriously, I'm over the whole chicks making out for attention thing.