Friday, August 22, 2008

Old friends

I just got home from seeing (drinking with) some old friends from college. Apparently we're all old, because we're telling stories from the old days and realizing that they happened 10 years ago. But even though I can go forever without seeing them, they are still people that I genuinely enjoy and appreciate. Even though they're all married and doing shit like having babies while I'm living my extended adolescence of eating peanut butter and calling it dinner and choosing not to work for the sport of it. Sometimes I feel like I'm being left behind, and sometimes I just think I'm in my own orbit. Either way, I always like discovering that whatever drew me to being friends with someone a million years ago can still exist beyond everything else, and that my fundamental belief that people don't really change (in the good ways) is true. So I'm a little sentimental and boozy right now. I'm mostly talking directly to all of you who read this, so there it is.

Song of the day is for Jay, again. (Sorry, Mary.) Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams.

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Jay Lackey said...

Who doesn't love eating Peanut Butter? I still do!