Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Happy first day of the rest of your life!"

Those were the words from my roommate when I got home on Friday, aka my last day of work. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, I am unemployed!!! Jerkfaces at my office made me cry, and they didn't even do anything to earn it. Walter was just all, "Hey, watch me make Rachel cry," and then just because he said it, it happened. Then he hugged me, so I hit him and said I didn't hug bullies. My goodbye party was a good time though- I basically drank beer all night and didn't eat much, so I was just telling and listening to silly stories - the kind that come out when people have been drinking. Awesome.

But then Friday, I was supposed to meet the Lackeys for some drinks, and I didn't make it. It was a big day! I was tired! Sorry about that.

Yesterday, I woke up and turned into a big fat pile of slack. This does not bode well for my summers- I slept in, then puttered around for a little while, got sucked into a really horrendous movie, then fell asleep on my couch for THREE HOURS. No joke. Like I said, that is pretty messed up. I'm not sure how I was so tired, but...yeah. Since then, it's been a whole lotta babysitting. Gotta make some money somehow, you know?

Tomorrow begins my student teaching. I thought I'd be more nervous, but I think that I am not currently nervous because the first week will pretty much be me getting my feet wet and figuring out how it all works before I get put in week. Watch out pre-schoolers! I'm totally going to laugh at you! Be prepared to crack me up.

I can't believe it looks like my corporate America time is over. It's such a weird way to look at things...but I'm totally excited. I mean, never say never (I used to say I'd never go to grad school or run a marathon, but now I've done both of those things) but it's looking good. For now.

I'll try to work on bringing back the funny in the next few days, but right now I have to clean my room. No seriously- it's the best stress reliever anyway. The kitchen is already spotless.

Song of the day- (Ch-ch-ch) Changes by David Bowie.

Oh, and I just ate a rice krispie treat the size of my head and called it lunch. Scary as all of this grown up crap is, it has it's perks.

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