Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feelin' Good (for now)

Dear diary-

Life is just crazy! I have the plague. Ok fine, that's being overdramatic, but I'm sick. And sick of being sick. Even after taking my sister's advice of eating raw garlic. I ate more last night, and it cleared my sinuses, but all that crap just moved into my chest. It's really gross and I can still taste the garlic in the back of my throat. I wouldn't sit too close to me if I were you. I probably stink.

That's boring. Moving on.

Here goes one story- 2 1/2 weeks ago, I accomplished one of my goals! I cut my hair and donated it to Beautiful Lengths. I went with them instead of Locks for Love because I read that LFL receives more hair than they can use AND because BL only needs 8 inches to make a wig. I still sent them 10 inches of hair, but they'll probably need to trim those last two inches because I was in dire need of a trim. Anyway, it was when I decided I needed to just suck it up and do it that I realized I really didn't want to, but I did it anyway. Shaynea showed up to hold my hand, and I won't deny that when it was done, I was teary-eyed. I didn't want a bob haircut, but that's what I got. It should be grown out pretty soon, and everyone has been telling me that they like it. I'm getting used to it, but it sucks to have to think about your hair. Before, it was just a pony tail. The thing I like is the idea that some kid out there doesn't have to be bald, and can cover up because I helped out. Good luck with the hair, kid. Watch out for humid days, this hair doesn't really like those. At all.

The creepy part was that I had to mail it myself, and because of President's Day, I ended up having to carry around the envelope for like 3 days. I kept thinking that if I got mugged, the guy would be totally creeped out to find a big pile of hair hiding in my backpack.

The other goal I have accomplished is that I went to a fun Korean bar in LA and did some karaoke! Kind of a lot, actually. Jean was fabulous and rented us our own private room (after making a really good dinner) and we got some beer and soju (that's probably spelled wrong, but it's Korean booze) and went to town. I got really shy every time the waiter came in, but as the night went on, and more of Jean's friends showed up, I was okay. We even got Kristin to do a solo. I should have made a list, but a few songs I sang were: Somebody Told Me, Walking After Midnight, Material Girl, and Addicted. (I just like the part where he says, "I'm a dick!") Jean and I finished it up with a Beautiful Liar duet- she was Shakira, I was Beyonce. So three down in my first month. The other ones probably won't be quite so easy, but I'm getting there.

Leap Day 08 was awesome. Leap Boy was Jason, a black, gay opera singer. So our day of fun had a soundtrack with some amazing vocals interspersed with all of the giggling and making asses of ourselves. Blaire, the married lady, attempted to bring home our waiter from brunch, but I think he was a little thrown by how seriously we took Leap Day. Loser. But she did videotape him bending over a table, so his ass has been immortalized. Right after Skylar explaining that she can drink whisky in the morning because she's a cowboy, and then she busts out her harmonica. It was awesome. I was not really on board with videotaping the day until I saw the playback and laughed just as hard the second time around.

But a quick note: Do not see Semi Pro. It is NOT GOOD. I had to watch Anchorman to remind myself that Will Ferrel really is funny. Because in that movie, he is not. The best part of the movie was the previews- there IS a Harold and Kumar sequel, and it DOES include NPH on a unicorn. Just thinking about it (and Meryn's reaction to the unicorn) makes me happy.

Anyway, things are nuts for now- I quit this job in 3.5 weeks (something else I can cross off the list!) and getting ready for student teaching is surprisingly time consuming. But for the most part, I can sum up my life with this song. I rediscovered it today, and I really liked that song in high school. I also loved that the album was called "Cockamamie" which was, and always will be one of my favorite words. Ever.



PS- this is for Lost fans with too much time on their hands. Funny, but SERIOUSLY- way too much time on their hands.


Sarah said...

Wow, I totally forgot that song existed! I loved that song in high school! Is that her only song?

Rachel said...

It's the only one I've heard of.

Rachel said...
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