Friday, March 7, 2008

My blog, my rules

I've been sitting here with my usual Friday afternoon boredom trying to decide what I want to blog about. I'm trying to cut back on the stream of consciousness stuff that doesn't make sense. Ladies and gentlemen, today's theme is:

Things I have done today to make myself laugh!!!!!

I know you're dying to hear this.

#1- I told my germophobe co-worker that I would lick her. She was asking for it.

This was following a massive coughing fit. (I'm STILL SICK. I think this cold has it out for me. But I'm combining drugs and in a really good mood today, so everything is ok.)

#2- Worked out some WWE moves with my boss as a demonstration for Shaynea. Then the two of us giggled like schoolgirls. And then pretended to slam each other's faces into my cube wall again. Have I mentioned that I love my boss?

#3- My boss was asking me for help with something, and I looked him straight in the eye and said, "This sucks. I quit."

(Yet ANOTHER announcement was made about me leaving to the entire company yesterday. Seriously, people who keep doing that? STOP STEALING MY THUNDER. Every time I walk into the break room, someone looks at me funny and asks me when my last day is.)

#4- I bought my nephew a b-day card with a secret code in it. He's turning 9, he'll love it. The message in the card says something lame about the b-day boy being awesome (he doesn't know about this blog, I'm not giving anything away here) so I added happy birthday, then I told him he is silly, and that he should give his dad a noogie. I'm the best aunt EVER.

#5- Because I've been down with the sickness, things like laundry have sort of fallen by the wayside. So today, I'm wearing two different socks. This morning, I was searching and searching and eventually hit up the single sock pile that lives on top of my dresser and went, "Eh, you're both black."

#6- Told two different people about the sock situation. Because you can't keep news like that to yourself.

#7- Decided that I need to blog at least 5 times a week. I have a blog, I have plenty to say, I need to combine these things.

Oh, and speaking of...when I was in LA, I saw my fabulous friend, the Rock Star, Miss Ami B. She had a blog request- that I write about why I don't want to date the father of one of my students. (Hypothetically. This is not something I've actually been asked to do. At this time.)

Dear Ami,

Ew. I'm too young for that shit.

Let's stick to problems I already have without inviting trouble, mmmkay?


Spring Chicken

PS- I just got the spins. Maybe I shouldn't be mixing my cold meds. But it's still funny.

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